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Digital Equity Africa is Africa’s  leading consultancy providing specialized digital economy design, digital inclusion, and equity consulting solutions tailored for Africa. We support governments, donors and international organizations, well meaning corporates and financial service companies  across the continent to navigate the current digital landscape, foster inclusivity, and achieve equitable outcomes in Africa’s digital Economy in line with sustainable development goals (SDG). We support and empower businesses and organizations who partner with us to unlock the full potential of the African digital economy with our  strategic solutions. We have Africa’s Finest Digital Inclusion Consultants.

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At Digital Equity Africa our mission is to empower Africa’s digital economy through comprehensive design, inclusion, and equity consulting services. We are committed to fostering a thriving and inclusive digital ecosystem across the continent. By leveraging our expertise and deep understanding of the African context, we strive to provide tailored strategies that maximize opportunities, bridge gaps, and promote equitable outcomes. Through our collaborative approach and dedication to empowering businesses, organizations, and individuals, we aim to drive sustainable growth and unlock the immense potential of Africa’s digital future.


Our vision at Digital Equity Africa is to be the leading catalyst for digital transformation, inclusion, and equity in Africa’s digital economy. We envision a future where every individual, regardless of background or circumstance, has equal access to digital opportunities and resources. By championing design principles that prioritize inclusivity and equity, we aim to shape a digital landscape that fosters innovation, empowers diverse voices, and drives sustainable development across the continent. Through our expertise, collaboration with stakeholders, and commitment to social impact, we strive to create a digitally empowered Africa where economic growth is inclusive, disparities are reduced, and the potential of every African is realized.

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We believe in fostering a digital ecosystem that is accessible, equitable, and inclusive for all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances.


We are dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through digital inclusion, equipping them with the necessary skills, resources, and opportunities to thrive in the digital age.


We value collaboration and partnership with stakeholders, recognizing that collective efforts are essential in driving sustainable and meaningful change in digital inclusion.


We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, transparency, and ethical conduct in our consulting services, ensuring trust and accountability in all our interactions.

Impact Driven

We are committed to delivering tangible and measurable impact in digital inclusion, continuously striving to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities.
Justina Oha

"I believe in fostering a digital ecosystem that is accessible, equitable, and inclusive for all individuals in Africa, regardless of their social and economic background or circumstances..”

Justina Oha, CEO, Digital Equity Africa

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